The first metaverse game for startups
Build your dream startup in virtual environment and earn real money.
Welcome to the starverse
Startverse is a metaverse game for startups. Our vision is help people on the world can build their startups with small money. Players join into our world to build their dream companies, hire social friends to work for them, and earn real money from the company by NFT and blockchain technologies.
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Everyone has their own dream to success, we knew that. We also knew, there aren't too many people who have million dollars to start their dreams immediately. We always think how could we help users' dreams come truth with minimum spend.
Since Meta shared its vision for the metaverse, we’ve had many conversations with friends and co-workers about the opportunities it could bring to our users.
One question we keep being asked is: What are the implications for business? Now, our answer is Startverse, the first metaverse game for startups in the world.
How it work?
Best features
What make Startverse be unique?
Free to play
You don't need to pay anything to start to play the game. Everyone can play it.
3D & VR World
Users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds in the Startverse.
Social Network
With social network, you can invite your friends to play game togethers.
Token distribution
Strategic plan that defines our goals or desired outcome and includes the major
steps or milestones needed to reach it.

- Founding team
- Init Project
- Pichdeck v1.0Q4-2021

- Pickdeck v2.0
- Private sale
- Website
- Demo
- Build Community
- Game Document


- Public Sale
- Release Marketplace
- Final Game Document Q2-2022

- Release Alpha Version
- Update marketplace
- Virtual Reality feature


- Staking feature
- Borrow/Lend feature
- Release Closed Beta Q4-2022

- Release PC Version
- Release Web Version

- Release iOS version
- Release Android version
- Release Branded Business

We have been working with each other for more than 10 years.
The advisors alway plays an important role in the success of a project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions from users or investors.

You don't need to buy anything to play the game. Just go into the game and play it for free. But if you want to invest to create a company to earn more money, you could buy lands on marketplace, then you go into the game to build a company on those lands. The bigger lands, the bigger company.

You have some ways to make benefit from the game: You can work for other companies to earn moeny; You can buy and lend the lands; You build company, hire and upgrade then sell employees, grown up your company then sell it.

We intend to support for Web, PC and mobile versions. If possible, we hope our game could be published on consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo).

Our team is a very strong technologies team, almost members have been working in game industry about 10-11 years with many game titles. We are confident that we can bring the best quality product to our users.